A Pledge of Nonviolence

Commit to Nonviolence: Take the Pledge

Believing as we do that life is an interconnected whole, and that there is an inescapable harmony between means and ends, and convinced by the proven effectiveness of nonviolent struggles in a just cause, we take the following pledge:

  • While engaged in actions associated with our movement we will refrain from violence in deed, word and, as far as possible, even in thought.
  • We will remain aware that our opponents are systems, not people; that our goal is wherever possible to awaken people to the justice of our cause even while, and by means of, resisting what we see as their unjust acts. Therefore we will not indulge in abusive language or threatening gestures toward anyone.
  • We will not confine ourselves to disestablishing what we regard as unjust without at the same time offering a positive alternative.
  • Where we succeed, we will not triumph over our “victory” or add a fresh issue to the struggle.
  • To maintain our own decorum and control, we will not bring or, as far as possible, allow others to bring intoxicants to an action.
  • We will take responsibility to control those who might attempt to depart from the nonviolent character of our action without resorting to their tactics.
  • As preparation for a long-term struggle in this spirit, we will prepare ourselves by learning everything we can about the history, theory and future promise of nonviolence.
  • At the same time, we will minimize our exposure to the commercial mass media, with their dehumanizing message of violence and consumerism.