Nonviolence History

“Nonviolence, being natural,
is not reported in history.” ~ Gandhi

As with science, we must tune the instrument to these overlooked but often more fundamental processes. Nonviolent movements themselves have been expanding at an accelerating rate since the days of Gandhi and King. But more than this, we must also learn to see the subtler nonviolent interactions that take place between person and person, and even, if that were possible, within the individual human being as she struggles with negative impulses to become more responsive to the unity of life.

The living history of nonviolence is emerging ever yday and we shall endeavor to keep you in touch with these developments on this site. Perhaps you can even help us provide that history. Please email us for details.


Nonviolence History Resources

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Global Nonviolent Action Database: with a growing number of recorded nonviolent movements worldwide throughout history, and as history in the making. Discover over 800 campaigns, searchable by action and geographical location.


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