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Hope or Terror: Gandhi and the Other 9/11
by Michael N. Nagler

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A Bright Future: Nonviolence and Human Evolution

By Michael N. Nagler

“Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind” The words of Mahatma Gandhi are guiding spirit behind the essays in this Eshort, all exploring the deep and powerful promise of nonviolence as a tool for social change.  Professor Michael Nagler offers stories of nonviolence in history and today, of hope, and of our bright future.

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Meditation for Peacemakers

By Michael N. Nagler

Images of Nonviolent activism can be striking: protesters beaten with clubs in India, Civil Rights Activists subjected to firehoses in the south, Occupy students sprayed with neon orange chemicals.  How to remain nonviolent, preserve inner calm, in the face of such severe violence?  Gandhi maintained that the answer was in a sustained discipline of calming the mind, and in this eShort, lauded nonviolence theorist and meditation practitioner Michael Nagler shows you how.

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