Metta Certificate in Nonviolence Studies

Study Nonviolence Systematically

“Only the science of nonviolence can lead us to pure democracy.” -Gandhi

 The Metta Center Certificate Program is a three-tiered course designed to guide practitioners through the history, theory, practice, and application of nonviolence in their lives and work.

This program is open to anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge and understanding of the science and theory of nonviolence and learn how to practically apply nonviolence to contribute to the greater movement for a global nonviolent culture. If you have been looking for a way to deepen your understanding of nonviolence and study it in a more systematic way, this course is ideal for you.


This course aims to help you:

  • Develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the history and theory of nonviolence
  • Practically apply nonviolence in all aspects of your daily life
  • Harness essential nonviolence skills such as strategy, communication, analytical thinking, negotiation, conflict transformation
  • Connect with others who are passionate about nonviolence – online, in your local community, and beyond
  • Take nonviolent action in your community, and discover specific ways you can contribute to the new story (the shift to a new global paradigm of nonviolence and peace)


Course Design

The learning path follows the Metta Center Roadmap,  guiding you through the process of discovering person power, learning about nonviolence and developing strategies to take nonviolent action and contribute to the global movement for nonviolent culture.

Course components:

Part 1: Discover Person Power

Part 2: Learn Nonviolence – History and Core Concepts

Part 3: Practical Applications

Coursework also consists of readings, podcasts, videos, reflection questions and weekly assignments to help you apply the concepts introduced.

The coursework is asynchronous, meaning you do not need to be online at a certain time each week to complete the course. We do, however, move at a group pace of one lesson per week. Optional office hours are held biweekly on Zoom, and discussions take place on our learning platform.

What’s NEW this year:  Besides incorporating brand-new material for yoga and meditation, optional mini-retreats, space at our office for local participants to use, and inviting experts and friends of the Metta Center to give special trainings throughout the period of the course, the full Metta Staff will work to guide participants through this program, including Metta Center founder and President, Dr. Michael Nagler! We’ve got lots of surprises and support for you this year. It’s going to be amazing!

Registration & Pricing

Registration for our 2018 program is open. We charge a tuition fee to support our nonprofit work, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please see all course and enrollment details on the  Certificate in Nonviolence Studies 2018 registration page.

What Course Graduates Say:

“I thought this was a great course. It provided a good combination of ways to focus on personal growth as well as ways to help grow in service and community.  The instruction was excellent. One of the best parts was interacting with so many amazing individuals committed to non-violence and working and learning with and from them. I am happy I took this course and am really grateful for the people at the Metta Center for this opportunity and for the work they are doing.”
~ John M., Illinois

“I participated in this program to deepen my understanding of nonviolence and how it works, and I came out with much more than that. I have renewed appreciation for myself and my spirituality.  As a final project, I decided to launch a blog to encourage people to take actions in face of issues they care about – something I never expected. And, I met some wonderful fellow activists who became my source of inspiration. Now I am ready to apply all that I have learned and keep learning. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in peace, nonviolence and social change.”
~ Anna I., New Jersey

“Having worked in women’s issues for many years and understanding the immense levels of violence women face worldwide, I took this course to better understand the philosophy, history, and practicality of nonviolence at large, but also within the field of human rights violations. Not only did I learn these aspects of nonviolence, but I was taken on a personal journey through the way nonviolence is lived in numerous contexts and levels starting with the individual and extending to the community at large. This course has helped me develop into a better professional equipped with the tools to address issues nonviolently, as well as into an individual with a richer and deeper perspective on human interactions, spirituality, and social issues. ”
~ Marissa U., Uganda

“I gained a much deeper understanding of what nonviolence is and how it can transform our lives and our world through this course.  The breadth of the material covered, from examining how our personal choices fit into a framework of nonviolence to looking at nonviolent revolutions around the world, gave me a strong framework.  From here, I am in a much better position to make my own contribution towards bringing this vision to fruition.”
~ Kelly D., New Jersey

“I can highly recommend this course. It has brought together all my thoughts and philosophy and helped me to develop a unified world view founded on Principled Nonviolence. It has given me a vocabulary with which I can promote the use of nonviolence in every area of our society; and the confidence to get out there and take action! This quote (shared by another member of the course) sums it up for me:
‘The real struggle of the 21st Century will not be between civilisations or religions. It will be between violence and nonviolence.’ Daisaku Ikeda.”
~ Paul B., United Kingdom