Strategies to Make Constructive Program Successful

In order for CP to have revolutionary power,

1. Be concrete and constructive. Although programs can, and often do have symbolic resonance, they cannot be merely symbolic. (Gandhi’s spinning wheel was an ideal combination).

Point 1. strategies

Transcript – Point 1. strategies

Question: Why is merely symbolic action relatively weak?

2. Try to find “stealth” issues whose significance will be underestimated by the opposition – until it’s too late.

Point 2. strategies

Transcript – Point 2. strategies

Question: What is it meant by a stealth issue and a nonviolent moment?

3. Most importantly, tackle “keystone” issues that could weaken the whole system if successful; in other words actions that significantly undermine the oppressive power’s “pillars of support.”

Point 3. strategies

Transcript – Point 3. strategies

Question: What does “keystone” mean in this context and why is it important?

4. Be constructive whenever possible and resistant when necessary.

Point 4. strategies

Transcript – Point 4. strategies


A. Why not just be resistant in the first place if you know you’ll have to do it eventually?

B. Is constructive program a form of resistance?

C. Can you think of any movements today that reflect this fourth point?

5. Form a strategic overview that balances constructive and obstructive measures; shifting to one or the other as appropriate

Point 5. strategies

Transcript – Point 5. strategies

Questions: How would having the capacity to: A) carry out either obstructive or constructive measures and B) be able to choose whatever is appropriate at a given time, strengthen the campaign?

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