What the World Needs Most: Real Freedom


What the world needs most at this time is free human beings—for each and every one of us to fully realize that we’re not mere consumers, or wage/wealth slaves, or pawns in geopolitical games; that we’re free to find peace and happiness.

That we’re free to love ourselves, as we are.

That we’re free to love others, as they are.

That we’re free to cherish the animal and plant kingdoms, to stare in wonder at the stars and the moon above us.

That we’re free to step into the big messy void of uncertainty and heal the wounds we’ve been carrying around for so long.

That we’re free to trust our creative longings and potential.

The current system asks us to go along with a spirit-crushing program that denies/attempts to deny us these freedoms at every turn. The results are devastating. On a personal level, many of us feel that something’s missing but we don’t know what it is or how to find it. On a collective level, we are feeding the twin beasts of war and exploitation.

What the world needs most at this time is human beings who believe that we’re all free to feel ALIVE.

To know ourselves, from the inside out.

To wholeheartedly confront the ways in which we suffer so that we can undo our addictions to conflict and violence.

To nourish openness in the mind, spaciousness in the heart.

Here’s to our happy and peaceful freedom in 2016.