At the root of restorative justice: Daily Metta Weekend Video

In this talk about Search for a Nonviolent Future, Michael Nagler gives some examples to show that human beings cannot function equally in a system that maintains punishment as a way to treat each other. Anytime we break human beings into groups like this, we make violence inevitable. When we go beyond those roles and search for a common humanity, we make nonviolence possible.

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Book cover imageStephanie Van Hook, the Metta Center’s executive director, launched Daily Metta in 2015 as a way to share Gandhi’s spiritual wisdom and experiments with nonviolence.

Our 2016 Daily Metta continues with Gandhi on weekdays. On weekends, we share videos that complement Michael Nagler’s award-winning book, The Search for a Nonviolent Future: A Promise of Peace for Ourselves, Our Families, and Our World. To help readers engage with the book more deeply, the Metta Center offers a free PDF study guide.

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