Search for a Nonviolent Future: Study Guide

by Todd Diehl, nonviolence educator          

Today, I would like to highlight the Search for a Nonviolent Future Educator Study Guide. There are so many powerful, informative ideas in Michael Nagler’s Search for a Nonviolent Future, and I worked with Michael and Stephanie two years ago to create a resource for educators with lesson plan ideas and activities to challenge students to see the world in a nonviolent way. We also included links to videos and other resources to help you and your students understand these important nonviolence principles. Last summer we updated the study guide with lessons I used in my classes. Now that you have the routine established and set in your classes, feel free to use this resource to teach nonviolence inside of your curriculum. There are lessons that tie in easily with History, English, and Science. Here are some of my favorites:

1)      Nonviolence in History: A great lesson that asks students to find examples of nonviolence in history by using Google. Have them choose an era of history and add nonviolence and see what they uncover about the past. (ex. “civil war and nonviolence” or “WW2 and nonviolence.” This activity could work well for review in a history class.

 2)      The Media Challenge:  Challenge students to go without media and their electronic devices, then observe the effects of fasting from media. You can challenge them to go for one night, one day, or one week. There is more to come on this activity in a future blog post.

 3)      Question your thoughts: This activity asks you to look openly and curiously at the nature of your thoughts and especially where your thoughts come from. Where do the seeds of your negative thoughts originate? This could be a useful lesson to do in conjunction with the media challenge above.

There are many more helpful lessons included in the study guide! Take a look at the Chapter Overviews for more ideas, and remember to brush up on Search for a Nonviolent Future while you are at it!

Link to Study Guide here

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