Bacha Khan:’My Life and Struggle’

The Metta Center is excited to support the launch of My Life and Struggle, The Autobiography of Abdul Ghaffar Khan.

Join us on Facebook Live, Sunday, March 14th, 9AM Pacific Standard Time (9PM Pakistan Standard Time.)

Speakers for this event include:

Jalila Haider — Human rights lawyer and activist from Quetta currently at Sussex as a Chevening awardee. 

Gulalai Wali Khan — Granddaughter of Bacha Khan and a medical doctor currently based in the US.

Safoora Arbab — Independent researcher who recently completed her PhD from University of California, LA on Khudai Khidmatgar’s resistance.  

Munawar Humayun — Granddaughter of Qazi Attaullah (a leading organiser at Khudai Khidmatgar)

Zainab Najeeb — Teacher at LUMS who recently completed her MSc from LSE.

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