Nonviolence Report Feb 5, 2021

Michael Nagler gives the Nonviolence Report for February 5, 2021.

In this episode:
00:31 President Biden ending support for the war in Yemen.
01:17 10-point Plan for peace president.
1:56 The end of private prisons by the U.S. Justice Department
2:23 Overturning the Muslim ban. Rejection of KXL pipeline. Rejoining of the Paris Agreement.
3:54 Stephen Zunes article
5:07 Truth and Healing Council
6:18 Virginia abolishes the death penalty
6:41 Farmers Struggle in India
8:51 Gene Sharp’s 198 methods for nonviolent resistance
9:38 Coup in Myanmar
10:41 Peruvian doctors go on hunger strike to protest pandemic stress

14:02 ICNC  — Civil Resistance Struggles course
15:28 Course on Restorative Justice
15:53 Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative
16:34 Ecoleaks
17:22 Campaign Nonviolence Pledge
17:49 What the Anti-Coup Campaign Taught Us

18:08 Is sabotaging fox hunts nonviolence?

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