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Practical Idealism, Unarmed Peacekeeping-Podcast

This week we had the honor and distinct pleasure of interviewing TiffanyEasthom, whose experiences in Peace Brigades International (PBI) and Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP), where she was country director for South Sudan (!) gave us invaluable insight into the way Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping (UCP) has matured over the last 12 years.  Among other things, she shared dramatic… read more

Nonviolent Action and Unarmed Peacekeeping

Why are we conditioned to believe that violence is necessary? Is it? In Friday’s episode of Peace Paradigm Radio we explore the power of nonviolence organizing on both the grassroots and the international levels, with nonviolence in the news for Friday, March 6. Then, we are joined by activist, author and artist, Rivera Sun who… read more

Unarmed Peacekeeping Skills Training and Strategy Session

co-sponsored for Meta Peace Team by: East Point Peace Academy Metta Center for Nonviolence  Pace e Bene, Campaign Nonviolence Peaceworkers Shanti Sena Network The Metta Center is excited to host the Meta Peace Team whose work in unarmed peacekeeping as a peace team is locally (in Michigan), nationally and internationally recognized and valued. This is… read more

Can unarmed peacekeeping work in Syria? It has in South Sudan

By Stephanie Van Hook, from Waging Nonviolence    Kenyan Nonviolent Peaceforce worker Peters Nyawanda in Sri Lanka. (Flickr/Nonviolent Peaceforce) Over the past few months there have been many discussions about alternatives to war and armed military intervention in light of the ongoing crisis in Syria. Those opposing military force have made alternative proposals that have included the… read more

PPR April 19, 2013, International Unarmed Peacekeeping

  Listen to PPR for April 19 by clicking the link below.  Peace Paradigm Radio 4-19-2013 [audio:] Nonviolence in the News with Michael Nagler: Dr. Nagler shares some otherwise hidden nonviolence history past and in the making. He also addresses the Boston bombings through the lens of “common security,” and analyzes the concept of nonviolent… read more

On Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping in South Sudan

The first 10 minutes of this PBS broadcast are dedicated to sharing the work of the Nonviolence Peaceforce’s work in South Sudan. Tiffany Easthom, country director of NP’s work in SS, discusses the challenges facing the South Sudanese since independence last year and how NP works with local communities as well as the limitations of… read more

An International Day to Honor Unarmed Civilian Protection

[Landing page for making April 17 UCP Day. We need a definition of ucp, quotes and statistics about it, list of resources, names and logos of cosponsors, and an agenda for April 17. ] Unarmed security calls safety a human right, whereas armed security makes it a strength contest.  “The evidence that accompaniment and UCP… read more

Metta at the UN

The Metta Center for Nonviolence has special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations. The UN plays a crucial role in creating a more peaceful world, and we work to bring the logic, history and yet-unexplored potential of nonviolence to the international forum and beyond. We believe that the fundamental… read more

Faith in Nonviolence: Christian Peacemakers – Podcast

  In this episode we continue our research into major players in the new field of “unarmed peacekeeping” or “third party nonviolent intervention.” This time, we talk with the executive director of Christian Peacemaker Teams about the power of critical community and the role that a religious faith can play in this important work–and how… read more

Nonviolence News – June 23rd, 2017

  During this week’s episode of Nonviolence Radio, during the Nonviolence in the News Section, we run across no less than three (3) developments that, expanding their reach and taken together, have the potential to shift the paradigm definitively!  They are, 1) thanks to the vacuum (or worse) at the top, power seems to be… read more