Learn at Your Own Pace

We are working to update and organize our learning resources for self-study on our Teachable website but here are some quick links to check out in the meantime.

Introducing Nonviolence

Nonviolence Courses: Check out our online school

Nonviolence for Beginners: audio series

Person Power: audio

Constructive Program: audio

Satyagraha: audio

Peace and Conflict Studies: Webcasts

Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) 164 A and B (taught by Michael Nagler at UC Berkeley) 

PACS 164 C (taught by Michael Nagler at Metta Center)

Other Resources and Talks:

Understanding the Legacy of Dr. King

Gandhi for Beginners: Audio

Nonviolence and Restorative Justice: In-depth Exploration

Three-Video Seminar: Nonviolence & the Meaning of Life

Nonviolence Lab: Meditation

Resources on the Science of Nonviolence 

Resources on the History of Nonviolence