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Emergence: The Winter 2015/2016 Issue

MC Yogi appears on the cover of the Winter 2015/2016 issue of Emergence, which revolves around yoga, spirituality, and action. In addition to touring the world with his music, MC Yogi runs a yoga studio in Point Reyes Station, CA. He has taught yoga at diverse venues, from festivals and museums to the White House… read more

Q&A: Artist Robert Shetterly

“The greatest gift of art is that it can give people permission to think differently, to alter both consciousness and conscience,” says Robert Shetterly. “Well-made art authenticates its own message. We can’t have enough good art.” Robert is a self-taught visual artist and a writer and cultural change agent. His painting of humane educator Zoe… read more

Emergence: The Relaunch Issue is Here

“Reaching for the stars is ambitious. Reaching for hearts is wise.” ~ Maya Angelou As the editor and creative director of Emergence, Metta Center’s bi-annual review of nonviolence movements and culture, I’m in a very lucky position: I collaborate with writers and artists whose work reaches for our hearts. How grateful I am for their… read more

Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence refers to the capability of a group to collaborate in order to achieve goals that an individual, even the most gifted, would not be able to accomplish alone. On a strictly behavioral level (excluding the symbolic layer of culture), collective intelligence communities are not exclusively human.  They are observed within many social animal… read more