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Finding security in a world of insecurity

By Stephanie Van Hook Americans are learning as a nation the truth about security. In the era of Julian Assanges and Edward Snowdens, we have gone through a checklist—spying does not make us secure and even fails to warn us that entire regions are imminently in revolution; foreign wars do not make us more secure… read more

Total Security

Total security, also called human security, is the concept that the true security of a state, person, or group is much more than simply freedom from violence. The Palestinian Hannan Ashrawi defines total security in this way, “…they [the Israeli govt.] define security as only military. We define security as human security – not just… read more

Common Security

Common Security is a term that describes the fact that individually, a nation, or for that matter any individual or group, cannot be secure without all other nations, groups, or individuals enjoying security at the same time. An opponent who is unable to attack you may make you somewhat secure, but an opponent who does… read more