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Empathy Circles

Edwin Rutch is the founder of Empathy Tents and the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy. In this show, he demonstrates how active listening can be used in a radical way– by bringing together Joey Gibson, a Patriot Prayer rally leader, and activist  Rev. Megan Rohrer, a leader of counter-protests to the Patriot Prayer rally,… read more

The Trump Question: Are You Listening?

Maybe, instead of rallying against Trump the man, we could connect with his supporters. And maybe that’s the only thing that will do any good. Trump seems to embody everything wrong with this country, at least in the circles I run in. He’s the American Ego run rampant, an American bogeyman. Recently, I overheard my daughter… read more

Listening: Daily Metta

“Their partiality for their own standpoint came in the way of their giving due weight to the arguments of their opponents.” ~ Gandhi, Ashram Observances, p. 100 Can we be nonviolent without listening to our opponents? We should try to hear their side. Such an attitude is our duty, and in nonviolence, we should strive… read more

Listening and Exercises for Listening

Mary Hanna from Meta Peace Team shares thoughts on the importance of listening while on a peace team in this first podcast:   and in the second, she gives some examples of how listening exercises can be included in a training. Please use the comment box below to ask questions or discuss this point.… read more