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Poetry: Submissions Call from a Volunteer

Lamisa Mustafa is a Metta Center volunteer and a first-year student at Southern Methodist University, where she is double majoring in Human Rights and Sociology, and minoring in French. She is passionate about the power of narratives in social justice. Through her poetry project Voices of Resilience, she will be creating a print and web-based… read more

Poetry in Activism – podcast

  It’s National Poetry Month! Listen in on Nonviolence Radio as we explore ways to bridge the gap between poetry and activism. Our guest, Amy Elizabeth Robinson, is a Sonoma County mother, poet and activist who recently wrote a love poem to Kellyanne Conway.  Together with hosts Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler, they discuss poetry, the… read more

A Walk With Hope: Ellen Murphy

The City of Bellingham, WA, commissioned Ellen Murphy to write and present the following poem on hope at the city’s MLK celebration this past January.  “We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” ~Martin Luther King                                    A Walk With Hope We walked along the shore of the intuitive mind, the… read more

Nonviolence inspires art. Can art inspire nonviolence?

The Metta Center’s neighbor, Bill Denham, is an exceptional poet. He expresses himself sincerely in art, in poetry, in wood, and in concert with the Earth. When Bill read Gandhi the Man he was inspired to write these beautiful haiku, and to share them with us. (The book was a gift to Bill from Metta, and was… read more