At Home in the New Story

doodle house

Stories about change can be even more powerful when they work from metaphors, which engage our senses, enliven the imagination and move us with already-tangible understandings. So I like to think of the “new story” as a home.

There’s a difference between a place to live and a home. We create a home—home is what we make of it. As a home, the new story is a comfortable and loving environment. There’s a place for everyone at the table, a warm spot for everyone at the hearth. Literally everyone—no one goes hungry or lacks a safe roof over her/his head. We all share in the abundance; we can all curl up by the fire and relish life’s wonders.

At home in the new story, we harness our creativity—our innovating impulse—to resolve conflicts peacefully, continually restore our sense of what’s possible, minimize our footprint on Earth and cherish all other beings.

Home is our sanctuary; it’s where every life matters. “Home is where the heart is.” We shall truly find our hearts in the new story.

Metta Center’s three-minute video A New Story of Us offers an empowering metaphor: that of a hero—in the new story, each and every one of us is a happiness hero.