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“We must not forget that India’s conquest was not an invasion by a people but the operation of a trading company.” From Gandhi to Vinoba, by Lanzo del Vasto, p. 26

Gandhi knew that people thought that he seemed foolish by putting his hopes in the spinning wheel, of all things. But he saw into the heart of the matter: India had lost her grasp on her industries and resources. It was a trading company, not an army, remember. Therefore, reclaiming those resources and those industries, required more than grasping them back out of the hands of the machine-driven West. The people had to rebuild their capacity and skills for the work of which they had been temporarily “relieved.” While on the outside it looked harmless, non-confrontational (how could the hand overcome the machine?), it represented a rather serious call for nonviolent resistance, for reclaiming their culture as much as their resources.

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