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“Man is not omnipotent. He therefore serves the world best by first serving his neighbor.”
~ Gandhi,
Ashram Observances in Action, p. 114

It has been said that when it comes to putting others first, most people ask, “Why should we,” while only a few get straight to the point: “How?”

We can practice this calling to serve others in the small acts of grace and courtesy of everyday living, and really work to make it into an art. Do you share a mailbox with a neighbor? Why not bring them their mail? Are you going to the store? Check and see if someone else needs something before you go. Is someone carrying several things at once? See if you can help them. By these small acts, woven throughout the entire day, we can make it a habit of seeing our own well-being in that of others. And then we’ll be even more ready for the big stuff, like opposing them when necessary.

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