Nonviolence Education and Building Community: Conference Call Series


Dates: June 9, July 14, August 4 (Thursdays)

Time: 5:00-6:00 pm PST

Platform: UberConference (via computer or phone)

Cost: Free!

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Join Metta and special guest Robin Wildman, a nonviolence educator from Broad Rock Middle School in Rhode Island, for an inspiring discussion series geared towards educators and anyone who is passionate about nonviolence education. The calls will be a mix of inspiration, drawing from Dr. King’s words and teachings; conversation, having questions and discussion each week; and action – practical ways that we will be able to apply what we discuss in our lives, classrooms and communities. The calls will provide a unique opportunity to build community with others who are passionate about nonviolence and education, and will be held in the style and spirit of Metta’s Hope Tanks, which is “open but focused.” Topics will include:

  • Breaking Down Conflict: Looking at Types and Levels of conflict and how that looks in schools and classrooms, as well as in our own lives
  • Six Principles of Nonviolence: A brief explanation of Dr. King’s work from 1955-1968 and his journey to Nonviolence. Description of how the Principles are the values system and framework for creating personal and societal change
  • Six Steps to Reconcile Conflict: What is the difference between resolve and reconcile? Why reconcile? How do the Steps work?

Suggested Reading (to be discussed on the calls):

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

My Pilgrimage to Nonviolence
Please join us this summer for an enriching and inspiring series! We *hope* to see you there 🙂


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