Hope Tank

Support and strategy for a new story

Some 10 years ago Michael Nagler, our founder and president, proudly announced to a young adult friend that he was planning to inaugurate a new think tank on peace and nonviolence. “We don’t need another think tank,” she replied. “We need a hope tank.” And so Hope Tank came into being.

The benefits of the hope tank are many, including but not limited to: getting to practice listening in a small group; building nonviolence community; processing nonviolence principles more deeply (actually talking about how nonviolence works makes us more prepared to use it); finding general inspiration; and thinking strategically and realistically—without losing hope—about solutions to today’s toughest challenges. One of our biggest projects, Roadmap, largely emerged from hope tank conversations with many participants over many months.

Hope tank is taking a sabbatical until 2022. Please check out our programs for ways of staying in touch with our work!