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On Scapegoats, Hope Tanks, and Being Muslim – Podcast

Our last show of the year is a special one, beginning with Michael Nagler and a discussion on what he calls “the ubiquitous problem of scapegoating.” What role does the scapegoat play in the human psyche and culture? How has a sacrificial system of logic affected society and its institutions? And what does it all… read more

Be Fearless & Take Action: Newsletter

Want to take action but aren’t sure how—or where to start? Be fearless! Find a friendly nudge and some practical calls-to-action in our latest newsletter. Read the April 22, 2015 newsletter. Subscribe to Metta Center’s bi-weekly newsletter.… read more

“A New Kind of Think Tank”–Daily Metta

April 4: “The method of satyagraha requires that the satyagrahi should never lose hope, so long as there is the slightest ground for it.” –Gandhi ( Mahatma, Vol. 5, p. 235)   When Michael Nagler told one of his young friends that he was going to start a new think tank on nonviolence, she responded… read more

Hope Tank

Support and strategy for a new story Some 10 years ago Michael Nagler, our founder and president, proudly announced to a young adult friend that he was planning to inaugurate a new think tank on peace and nonviolence. “We don’t need another think tank,” she replied. “We need a hope tank.” And so Hope Tank… read more

The ‘Real’ 9/11: a Celebration

Some of you may know that this is the 103rd anniversary of the birth of [[Satyagraha]]: September 11th, 1906 at the Empire Jewish Theater in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Not the birth of the principle, which as Gandhi said was already ‘as old as the hills,’ but the launching of his mighty ‘experiments with Truth’ —… read more