Meditation, Wisdom, and the New Story

yoga hour

Michael Nagler will join The Yoga Hour Online Broadcast on
Thursday, July 16, at 8 am PT (10 am CT, 11 am ET)

In deep meditation we perceive peace and joy through allowing our attention and awareness to rest in the expanded consciousness of our essential nature. We feel connected to all of life. This change in our consciousness opens a space where wisdom develops. From this perspective we can create a new story that honors our essential wholeness. When we share this new story with others, we can reach a tipping point and change the current narrative about our world from a meaningless, material place to a world that works for everyone.

Join Yogacharya O’Brian from the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment and Michael Nagler for a discussion about how the roots of daily spiritual practice can flower into improving our lives and the lives of others. Discover how you can live a life that is truly fulfilling by serving the sacred in all.

About The Yoga Hour

The Yoga Hour: Living the Eternal Way offers inspiration, insights, and time-tested practices from the ancient system of Kriya Yoga—a philosophy and practice for spiritually conscious, fulfilled living today. This hour of dialogue with internationally renowned spiritual teachers offers keen insight into universal principles for enlightened living while touching the most practical aspects of our lives such as work, relationships, health, and diet. Even while emphasizing the practical, it speaks to our deepest yearnings to fully awaken to Self- and God-realization in this lifetime.

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