PPR March 22, 2013: Nonviolence, a lifelong commitment

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Nonviolence in the news 3-22-2013

Michael Nagler discusses the nonviolence movement in and outside of Syria.

For the listener’s reference: A Special Report on the Syrian Uprising to date just released by Friends for a Nonviolent World


Our guest for this show is Lorin Peters:


While serving four years with the Peace Corps in Thailand,Lorin received a death threat, which eventually led him to Gandhi and to nonviolence.

During Vietnam, while teaching physics at a Catholic high school in Oakland, he was asked to create and teach a course on war, peace and nonviolence.  Students never stopped signing up. In spite of retiring, his colleagues still invite him to present Gandhi and nonviolence about 60 hours each year.

When September 11th occurred one week into his sabbatical, studying nonviolence under Professor Michael Nagler at UC Berkeley, he finally understood the necessity of meditation.  He is still not good at it, but unwavering and undiscouraged. Later that year he was led to join Christian Peacemaker Teams, and to devote seven summers to peacemaking in Hebron, Palestine-Israel.

After the 2010 political violence in Bangkok,  he has been doing work at Mahidol University in Bangkok, in Cambodia, and with peacebuilders-mostly Muslim-from across Asia.


Books you’ll hear mentioned on this show:

Search for a Nonviolent Future, Michael Nagler

Conquest of Violence, Joan Bonderant


Songs you’ll hear on this show:

“Better Way” by Ben Harper

Theme song “Building a Path”, words and music by Lloyd Ferris; vocals: James Williams and Chuck Phalen