Water Activism in Detroit, Michigan

Michael Nagler begins this show with nonviolence in the news for the week of August 8. Then we turn to our main interview:

Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes provide close to 21 percent of all of the fresh water we use throughout in the world, and yet people in Michigan are having their water turned off, by the thousands, because with a city under “emergency management” and bankruptcy, many cannot afford to pay their exorbitant water bills. Corporations, however, who owe more money than individuals combined, are not accountable to paying their bills. What is happening–to our communities and to democracy in the United States?

In this important show we talk with Shea Howell of the People’s Water Board in Detroit, Michigan about the issues surrounding the crisis of the water shut-offs–and the move toward water privatization. She gives us a thorough overview of the various aspects of the struggle, including the nonviolent strategic thinking and nonviolent actions affirming that water is not a commodity but a human right. She ends by telling us that the people of Detroit are thirsty–for human dignity. Get suggestions in this show for what you can do to get involved.

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