Strategy for the win! – podcast


We welcome guests George Lakey and Monica Curca to our show. First, we turn to some key events in our ever growing world of nonviolence in Nonviolence in the News, and are joined by Monica Curca, peace builder, community organizer, and founder of the Beautiful Resistance, to talk about the Muslim ban and airport strikes. Then we are joined by George Lakey, who has been at nonviolent strategizing for over 40 years with some hard-won insights about making actions and movements successful. He’s also one of the minds behind the Global Nonviolent Action Database, documenting over 1000 nonviolent episodes around the world and throughout history. His latest article on Waging Nonviolence is about 10 ways to strategize and win after the Women’s March. Nonviolence radio is the beat of an unstoppable movement. Tune in and find out more.

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