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Strategy for the win! – podcast

We welcome guests George Lakey and Monica Curca to our show. First, we turn to some key events in our ever growing world of nonviolence in Nonviolence in the News, and are joined by Monica Curca, peace builder, community organizer, and founder of the Beautiful Resistance, to talk about the Muslim ban and airport strikes. Then… read more

Nonviolence Currents: adapted from “Industrial Disasters and Student Activism – An Untold Story”

Nonviolence Currents – Bridging Nonviolence and Current Events in the Classroom A service of the Metta Center for Nonviolence LESSON PLAN #2 Waging Nonviolence Article: Industrial disasters and student activism – an untold story by George Lakey Themes: labor rights, dehumanization, nonviolence, activism Ages: 14-18 (high school) Pre-reading activity: Ask students to skim the article and look… read more