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Commitment #14: Resolving Conflicts

  ———– by Miki Kashtan New to this blog? Read Miki’s Introduction to this series ‘All -in: fully committing to a life of nonviolence’  before getting started.  If you feel called, please comment on posts and engage with one another. ***   Resolving Conflicts: even when I have many obstacles to connecting with someone, I want to… read more

Commitment #9- Empathic Presence

A headnote from us:   These days we are locating the people and projects we come across on our Roadmap.  These contributions from Miki Kashtan are easily, and centrally located: she is speaking to point four, “Practice personhood” in the inner circle of the map — a ringside seat! ———– by Miki Kashtan New to this blog?… read more