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Tools and Principles of Nonviolence: Workshop

“Nonviolence is the greatest power at the disposal of humanity.” ~Gandhi Conflict is inevitable, violence is not. In this workshop, we will dive into the transformative power of nonviolence, which, when properly understood and creatively applied, has the potential of solving almost all of the challenges of our modern world, especially the on-going menace of… read more

Harnessing Power as a Community: Workshop

There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. ~Meg Wheatley Building community is more than getting to know our neighbors–it is about building our power together to be a force for security, safety, care, and healing transformation when necessary, as well as learning how to work with those with whom… read more

“Grow with me”–Daily Metta

December 4: “I want you also to grow with me.” –Gandhi (Mahatma, vol. 4, p. 154) I heard a song today, a freedom song, one sung in places like Selma and Birmingham in the 1960s. The singer, from Sweet Honey in the Rock, said, “I’d like to teach you a song. It will be the… read more

“Knowing when to escalate”–Daily Metta

October 6: “Since Satyagraha is one of the most powerful methods of direct action, a Satyagrahi exhausts all other means before he resorts to Satyagraha.” –Gandhi (Young India, October 20, 1927) When I first contemplated activism, I thought it meant going from doing nothing to throwing every last ounce of energy into direct confrontation with… read more

Humor but not humiliation: finding the sweet spot in nonviolent conflict resolution

By:  Michael Nagler  and  Karen Ridd Humor is a time-honored strategy in the repertoire of nonviolence, but we must learn to use it properly. Poke fun at the problem not the person. Credit: http://breakingstories.wordpress.com. All rights reserved. Five or six men stood over me yelling as I sat in a chair at the Ministry of the… read more

Commitment #14: Resolving Conflicts

  ———– by Miki Kashtan New to this blog? Read Miki’s Introduction to this series ‘All -in: fully committing to a life of nonviolence’  before getting started.  If you feel called, please comment on posts and engage with one another. ***   Resolving Conflicts: even when I have many obstacles to connecting with someone, I want to… read more

Nonviolence versus Gun Violence

In this video, Professor Nagler discusses the power of nonviolence as an antidote to the rampant epidemic of gun violence currently being experienced in U.S. culture. Please comment below and we look forward to hearing from you.… read more

Peace Teams

A Peace Team is a group of local people trained in peaceful conflict resolution methods who promote friendship, solidarity, social justice, and alternatives to violence in the local community.  Peace teams, when requested can provide service outside their local communities. Peace teams have been developed as responses to war and conflict much the same as… read more