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“From Principles to Practice” – Constructive Programme

In the last video of The Metta Center’s “From Principles to Practice” video series, Professor Michael Nagler talks about Gandhi’s Constructive Programme theory. Feel free to share and discuss your opinions! We look forward to hearing from you!… read more

“From Principles to Practice” – Constructive Programme Discussion

Over the summer, The Metta Center hosted research fellows for an internship program to study with The Metta Center. They developed a video series titled, “From Principles to Practice.” In this videos, Professor Michael Nagler, President of The Metta Center for Nonviolence, speaks about several topics regarding nonviolence and nonviolent practices. In this video, Michael… read more

Constructive Program

Constructive program (CP) is a term coined by Gandhi. It describes nonviolent action taken within a community to build structures, systems, processes or resources that are positive alternatives to oppression. It can be seen as self-improvement of both community and individual.  CP often works along side obstructive program, or Civil Disobedience, which usually involves direct confrontation… read more