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We’ve moved: Join us!

Since mid-March we’ve been moving into a new office in downtown Petaluma. Now that we’ve vacuumed up the last bit of sawdust from the floor (all our shelves were hand-built and crafted by our own Michael Nagler), placed the final book in our Gandhi library, arranged the last piece of furniture for our nonviolence home—and… read more

Lake Junaluska Peace Conference Talk

Watch as Michael Nagler, the President and Co-Founder of The Metta Center for Nonviolence, speaks at the Lake Junaluska Peace Conference about The Metta Center, the New Story, the roadmap, and future directions for the organization and nonviolence.… read more

The How of Happiness: A “Rap” video…

This interesting video on explores strategies for cultivating lasting happiness. We’d add a few more points: 1. Unplug from the mass media and engage in practices for unlearning oppression 2. Learn everything you can about nonviolence 3. Get personal and “practice personhood” 4. Get involved in the issue you are passionate about. Thanks to Jeff… read more

“From Principles to Practice” – Satyagraha

In the fourth video of our “From Principles to Practice” series, the concept of Satyagraha is explained by Professor Michael Nagler. As always, please feel free to comment and discuss your opinion!… read more

“From Principles to Practice” – Satyagraha Discussion

Our second video of the “From Principles to Practice” video series. In this video, Professor Michael Nagler discusses the concept of Satyagraha with a Metta research fellow, Nicole. Please feel free to comment and discuss!… read more

“From Principles to Practice” – Constructive Programme Discussion

Over the summer, The Metta Center hosted research fellows for an internship program to study with The Metta Center. They developed a video series titled, “From Principles to Practice.” In this videos, Professor Michael Nagler, President of The Metta Center for Nonviolence, speaks about several topics regarding nonviolence and nonviolent practices. In this video, Michael… read more

Nonviolence versus Gun Violence

In this video, Professor Nagler discusses the power of nonviolence as an antidote to the rampant epidemic of gun violence currently being experienced in U.S. culture. Please comment below and we look forward to hearing from you.… read more

National Peacemakers Summit Meeting Leads to Creation of Shanti Sena Network

By Mary Hanna     Portland, OR –Seventeen people from across the United States and Canada, committed to nonviolence and teaching the tools of third-party nonviolent intervention, gathered this weekend at the Whitefeather Peace House in Portland, Oregon to discuss unifying their efforts to create a nonviolent response to violence in their local areas.  The three-day… read more