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Lasting Victory: Daily Metta

“The German Jews will score a lasting victory over the German Gentiles in the sense that they will have converted the latter to an appreciation of human dignity.” Harijan, November 26, 1938   Here we enter on one of Gandhi’s most controversial claims, that even in the crucible of the holocaust it would be theoretically… read more

Nonviolence of the Strong: Daily Metta

“. . . but as our nonviolence was the nonviolence of the weak, the leaven did not spread. Had we adopted nonviolence as the weapon of the strong, because we realize that it was more effective than any other weapon, in fact, the mightiest force in the world, we would have made use of its… read more

All We Can Be: Daily Metta

“I may deliver up my soul with the remembrance of God on my lips.” ~ Gandhi, Pyarelal, Last Phase, II, p. 101 It seems fitting to end our second year with Gandhiji with this magnificent testimony. For this, of course, was exactly what he did, deliver up his soul with the words “Rama Rama Rama”—the… read more

Tipping Point: Daily Metta

“For India to enter into the race for armaments is to court suicide. With the loss of India to nonviolence the last hope of the world will be gone.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, October 14, 1939 We would have to say that India is not altogether lost to nonviolence; that flame can be seen if not… read more

Purer Energy: Daily Metta

Under certain circumstances fasting is the one weapon which God has given us for use in times of utter helplessness.… Absence of food is an indispensable but not the largest part of it. The largest part is the prayer – communion with God. It more than adequately replaces physical food. ~ Gandhi, letter to Meera… read more

Supreme Consideration: Daily Metta

“The supreme consideration is man. The machine should not tend to make atrophied the limbs of man.” ~ Gandhi,Young India, November 13, 1924 Gandhi is in so many ways more nuanced than he is taken for: people think he was a kind of luddite, against machinery. He was not against anything, really; he was for… read more

Village Life: Daily Metta

“…[P]eople will never be able to live in peace with each other in towns and palaces. They will then have no recourse but to resort to both violence and untruth. We can realize truth and nonviolence only in the simplicity of village life. ~ Gandhi, Letter to Nehru, October, 1945, in Bhoodan, March 26, 1960… read more

Truth to Truth: Daily Metta

“My aim is not to be consistent with my previous statements on a given question, but to be consistent with truth as it may present itself to me at a given moment. The result has been that I have grown from truth to truth.” ~ Gandhi, Harijan, August 30, 1939 Instead of setting his sights… read more

Inner Disposition: Daily Metta

“I can conceive occasions when it would be my duty to vote for the military training of those who wish to take it. …It is not possible to make a person or a society nonviolent by compulsion.” ~ Gandhi, Young India, September 13, 1928 There is a fascinating, subtle difference between Gandhi’s vision, or commitment,… read more

Love & Hate: Daily Metta

“If light can come out of darkness, then alone can love emerge from hatred.” ~ Gandhi, Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, 417 You would think that this truth were self-evident, that Gandhi and King (“Hate cannot overcome hate, only love can do that”) would not need to insist on it. But the fact is, every step… read more