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Nonviolence Report April 28, 2021

Nonviolence is happening all over the world, though it’s underreported in the mass media. The Nonviolence Report with Michael Nagler will give the news in nonviolence, events, and analysis which might even inspire you to take action where you live. 00:23 Intro 00:55 Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding Course 01:36 Third Harmony Screening in Jalgaon 02:06… read more

Nonviolence Report April 23, 2021

00:42 Chauvin Verdict 01:35 Healing Our City — Darnell Moore for Ma’Khia Bryant 07:58 “Madman with a Sword” analogy 08:39 Restorative Justice 09:18 Nonviolence and the case of the extremely ruthless opponent 10:56 Resources 11:02 Free Bystander Intervention & De-escalation Trainings 11:29 For Goodness Sake: Music for the Nonviolent Future 12:11 Planned Actions for Campaign… read more

A bit of History Offers a Clue for Going Forward

Originally published in Waging Nonviolence On Aug. 24, 410 C.E., Alaric with his army of Goths entered Rome and sacked the capital of the empire. The shock echoed throughout the circum-Mediterranean world and Europe: How could this happen to the “eternal city”? Though the scale of the attack was so much smaller, and it failed,… read more

Time to Rebuild with Nonviolence

We, the board and staff of the Metta Center, have been in the process of writing something for our friends and followers about the electoral crisis, but the situation has been and remains so fluid that we waited for a definitive outcome at least of the election itself, though there are still dangers and unknowns… read more

Gandhi and Us: A Message from Michael Nagler

Today marks the 151st anniversary of Gandhi’s birth (Oct. 2, 1869) — and a crisis in American and world democracy such as I, for one, never dreamed I would witness in my by-now long lifetime.  For some time now, it has seemed that these two forces, the downward drive into chaos and violence and the… read more

A Dream Realized!

MICHAEL NAGLER REFLECTS ON THE PREMIERE OF THE THIRD HARMONY DOCUMENTARY FILM BELOW. Dear friends, My heart is full of love, hope, and gratitude as our long-awaited film is having its world premiere at the Illuminate Film Festival and friends are already writing to us with such enthusiastic greetings:   I got my notification just after… read more