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“One reality, many names”–Daily Metta

September 14: “In my opinion, Rama, Rahaman, Ahuramazda, God or Krishna are all attempts on the part of man to name that invisible force which is the greatest of all forces.” –Gandhi (Harijan, August 18, 1946) Gandhi was a great fan of music, especially devotional hymns. One of his favorites, Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram, a… read more

“The Sound of Music”–Daily Metta

September 13: “There can be no Swaraj where there is no harmony, no music.” –Gandhi (Young India, April 15, 1926) If you were around Gandhi, you would experience music: from hymns at prayer meetings to the rhythmic sounds of spinning wheels. His appreciation for music, however went beyond our traditional understandings of instruments and rhythms;… read more