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Whole-Person Education: Newsletter

One thing’s for sure: there’s a deep need for whole-person education. The Metta Center aims for precisely this with our Certificate in Nonviolence Studies: program participants engage their minds, bodies, and spirits in the learning. In this week’s newsletter, we share an announcement: Our next 6-month Certificate course will run May 2 – October 2… read more

Newsletter: Black History Month 2018

In the US, we designate February as Black History Month, to commemorate and celebrate African-American achievements and contributions. It’s an opportunity to honor voices and perspectives that have often been left out or marginalized—and to go beyond the “heroes and holidays” approach to the month by learning all year. Plus: Our latest Nonviolence Radio show… read more

A New Story for Changing Times: Newsletter

There are things we can’t change, but there’s always something within that framework that we can. The severe deterioration of our democratic institutions seems to have an implacable momentum, leading us to the kind of seismic cultural change known as “paradigm shift.” That we can do little about. But what we can do—and the Metta… read more

Thankfulness: Newsletter

What are you thankful for? Gratitude is on our minds. So for this week’s newsletter introduction, our Partnership Catalyst expresses her thankfulness. You’ll also find links to Nonviolence Radio show and other resources. Did you know that we can provide nonviolence trainings for elementary school kids? Learn more about that too. Read the November 15,… read more

The Human Heart & Spirit: Newsletter

The Metta Center was amidst the recent Northern California fires. While news broadcasted the tragic loss of dozens of lives and thousands of homes, something entirely different was afoot that didn’t get so much attention: Our community came together in ways that were awe-inspiring and a confirmation of the deep humanity that resides with us.… read more