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Communicating & Acting for Peace: Newsletter

Giving Peace a Chance We’ve seen a lot of positive images in the media as of late: people opening their hearts (and their homes!) to refugees, banding together and doing what they can to help others fleeing war and persecution. Read the September 9, 2015 newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter.… read more

Toward a Culture of Peace: Newsletter

The Role of Media in Nonviolence Extra! Extra! On September 9, Michael Nagler will be speaking at the High-Level Forum on a Culture of Peace at the United Nations. He’ll talk about the role media can and should play in creating a nonviolent culture. He was invited by Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhry of Bangladesh, who saw… read more

Dimensions of Organizing: Newsletter

We are all mighty drops of power. Michael Nagler opens our latest newsletter with some thoughts about the state of nonviolence history, along with reflections on Campaign Nonviolence’s National Conference in Santa Fe, NM. Plus, we share some inspirations on movement-building and power-sharing. Read the August 12, 2015 newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter.… read more

Lifelong Studentship: Newsletter

“When I’m deeply challenged, I ask: ‘What can I learn from this struggle?'” Today’s newsletter opens with a hopeful note from our education director, Stephanie Knox-Cubbon, about lifelong studentship and the learning and awakening that come from teaching and practicing nonviolence. Read the July 29, 2015 newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter.… read more

Compassionate Connections: Newsletter

We’re about halfway through 2015, and Metta Center is on track for creating much impact with our programs and media, all of which aim to touch people’s hearts. Our latest newsletter looks at ways we can develop compassionate connections and create positive impact in our personal lives. Read the July 15, 2015 newsletter. Subscribe to… read more