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Faith in Nonviolence: Christian Peacemakers – Podcast

  In this episode we continue our research into major players in the new field of “unarmed peacekeeping” or “third party nonviolent intervention.” This time, we talk with the executive director of Christian Peacemaker Teams about the power of critical community and the role that a religious faith can play in this important work–and how… read more

Nonviolence in Action: Meta Peace Teams – Podcast

    Peace Teams: Bring them to your local community gathering or start one yourself with a group of dedicated friends… What is a peace team and how does it work? This week on Peace Paradigm Radio, Mary Hanna and  Peter Dougherty discuss Meta Peace Teams; how they started, what they do, and how peace teams can help in… read more

Peace Teams

A Peace Team is a group of local people trained in peaceful conflict resolution methods who promote friendship, solidarity, social justice, and alternatives to violence in the local community.  Peace teams, when requested can provide service outside their local communities. Peace teams have been developed as responses to war and conflict much the same as… read more