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Refugee Stories from Izmir

The following post was contributed by Annika Roes, who is currently in Izmir, Turkey, where she is volunteering with a refugee support group. Annika interned with the Metta Center last April.   It is a Tuesday night, and it is already a bit late when the doorbell rings. Another five people have come to join… read more

Communicating & Acting for Peace: Newsletter

Giving Peace a Chance We’ve seen a lot of positive images in the media as of late: people opening their hearts (and their homes!) to refugees, banding together and doing what they can to help others fleeing war and persecution. Read the September 9, 2015 newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter.… read more

Take Heart and Take Action—to End War

By Tord Dellsén and Stephanie Van Hook   A month or so ago, many of the headlines streaming through social media emphasized the negative responses to refugees making their way into Europe for sanctuary. It was enough to make a person feel like humanity had reached a new low. And then, something happened: people began… read more