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“Voluntary Service or Resist”–Daily Metta

August 7: “Voluntary service of others demands the best of which one is capable.” ––Gandhi (From Yeravda Mandir) When it comes to formulating a principle around voluntary service, we could do much worse than turning to the Mahatma for some guidance. From the moment he “hit his stride” in South Africa he gave himself in… read more

“Rebel against unworthy restraints”–Daily Metta

March 9: “I advise women to resort to civil rebellion against all undesirable and unworthy restraints.” –Gandhi (Harijan, 3-23-1947 p. 80) In India (as well as in all other places where Indians live) the celebration of Holi announces the arrival of springtime. Rose petals, marigolds, multi-hued powders and water-balloons are tossed in the air, signifying… read more

“Value of Obstructive Program”–Daily Metta

March 6: “Do you believe that a coward can ever disobey a law that he dislikes?” –Gandhi (Hind Swaraj, p. 93) Nonviolence, according to Gandhi’s vision, is about more than idyllic notions of “being the change you wish to see in the world.” It is about the courage to live for a greater purpose. For… read more

“Human Duties”–Daily Metta

January 26 “The true source of rights is duty.” –Gandhi (Mahatma, Vol. 2, p. 179)   When Gandhi was asked to sign the Declaration of Human Rights, he said to bring him instead a Declaration of Human Duties, and he would sign that. Duties and rights always went hand in hand for him. The  talk… read more