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Restorative Justice teleconference on September 6

The Peace Alliance and Board Member/Host Molly Rowan Leach are thrilled to announce the Fall Kickoff of the Restorative Justice Telecouncil Series and the workings of a longer term Resource area and collaborative network for those working in RJ and related fields and for those inspired by the growing movement who want to find out… read more

Truth and Reconciliation Commission

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) is a form of restorative justice aimed at the healing of a community broken apart by violence and oppression. The Commission hearings create a safe space where perpetrators and sufferers of that violence can meet safely and discuss the violent actions.  By meeting face to face with the sufferers the… read more

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is an approach to criminal justice (or disciplinary issues, in schools) that aims to rehabilitate offenders through having them take responsibility, reconciling with victims, and repairing the harm experienced by people, relationships, and the community. It’s often contrasted with a retributive justice, which emphasizes punishment over rehabilitation. Retributive justice is based on a behavior… read more