Restorative Justice teleconference on September 6

The Peace Alliance and Board Member/Host Molly Rowan Leach are thrilled to announce the Fall Kickoff of the Restorative Justice Telecouncil Series and the workings of a longer term Resource area and collaborative network for those working in RJ and related fields and for those inspired by the growing movement who want to find out more. TPA recognizes that Restorative Justice is moving fast in the U.S. as an answer to punitive and corporate-motivated criminal justice systems. The Peace Alliance strives to support this systemic change on multiple levels by offering this free dialogue series and by providing a central area for citizens to access resources, and to augment education, spark dialogue, connect organizations and individuals, and ultimately make the RJ movement stronger and more visible both in the US and beyond. Please contact Peace Alliance Board Member and your Host Molly Rowan Leach with any questions.


Thursday, September 6th 5pmPST/8pmEST

Special Guest: Michael Nagler