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Making Nonviolent Energy WORK: Daily Metta WEEKEND Videos

Nonviolence, from a scientific standpoint, can be understood as a type of energy. How do we recognize and harness this energy? To what effect? Michael Nagler explores these ideas.… read more

“The real victory of the Salt Satyagraha”–Daily Metta

June 24: “The moment we are able to ensure nonviolence, even under circumstances the most provoking, that moment we have achieved our end, because that is the moment when we can offer complete non-cooperation.” –Gandhi (Young India, January 19, 1921) One of the most pivotal moments of the Indian Freedom Struggle was the great Salt Satyagraha… read more

“Work” vs. Work

The distinction, “work” vs. work is necessary to stress that the beneficial results of nonviolent action often lie in the future. “Work” means the immediate and obvious effects, while work without quotes designates the resulting underlying and fundamental shifts brought about by nonviolence. In other words, it means not “got what we wanted,” “does good… read more