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“Nonviolence, the only short-cut”–Daily Metta

November 6: “I do not believe in short-violent-cuts to success.” –Gandhi (Harijan, December 11, 1924) The Global War on Terror tries to sell us the false idea that we can effectively fight terrorism by killing “terrorists,” instead of addressing the conditions that led to terrorism in the first place. A “short-violent-cut to success,” instead of… read more

“Nonviolence to overcome terror”–Daily Metta

July 21: “The spirit of democracy cannot be established in the midst of terrorism, whether governmental or popular.” –Gandhi (Young India, February 23, 1921) Stride Toward Freedom recounts an amazing event toward the end of the African American Freedom Struggle of the 1960s. The Ku Klux Klan tried to regain its power over a community… read more

“The failure of terrorism”–Daily Metta

February 23 “We have instances in history where terrorism has failed to impose the terrorist’s will upon his victim.” –Gandhi (Young India, 6-9-1920, p. 3) (Pictured: Malala Yousafzai) Even with the extreme provocation of terrorist violence we are not compelled to absorb and respond back with violence ourselves. The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in… read more

Study by Chenoweth and Dugan: Punishment not effective response to terrorism

DENVER, July 31 (UPI) — The consensus politically is that terrorism must be fought, but U.S. researchers said conciliatory tactics are more effective than punishment. Study co-authors Erica Chenoweth of the University of Denver and Laura Dugan of the University of Maryland said the study used data from the Center for the Study of Terrorism and… read more