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“Non-Embarrassment”–Daily Metta

February 6   “I have no desire to cause you unnecessary embarrassment, or any at all, so far as I can help.”   –Gandhi, from a letter to the Viceroy, written on the eve of the 1930 civil disobedience campaign (Young India, 3-12-1930)   Gandhi’s faith in the power of Truth was so deep that… read more

Vinoba Bhave

Vinoba Bhave (1895-1982) was widely regarded as Gandhi’s spiritual heir. The Mahatma appointed Vinoba to be a “Satyagraha of one” in 1940. At the time Gandhi wanted to show the British raj that he was still in open resistance to its rule but did not feel it was proper to launch full-scale Satyagraha because the… read more

Shanti Sena

Shanti Sena, or peace army, was Gandhi’s proposed solution for the management of conflict through nonviolence, as opposed to the more traditional “threat power” employed by officers of the law and the State. His idea was to have trained volunteers living in the communities they would serve acting as trusted third parties. The volunteers could,… read more