A Call to Nonviolence.

“Nonviolence is a kind of power, and that power is inside of every one of us.” 
~Dr. Bernard Lafayette in “The Third Harmony” 

It seems that with each passing day the urgency of nonviolence increases, and yesterday it certainly took a leap forward in this country.  If, as we address the crisis now, we do so in a vindictive and self-justifying spirit we will soon find we’ve made matters worse; if we address it firmly, soberly, but in a spirit of self-improvement and renewal — in other words, nonviolently — we will soon or later find that we have gone forward.  Our film, as many have told us, lays a groundwork for that nonviolent approach.  With it, we see the depth and breadth of nonviolence, its applicability to literally any situation, including if not especially chaotic ones like the present. 

Therefore we are making the film available to all of you starting now through the coming weekend, thanks to the cooperation and support of our distributor Bullfrog Films.  

Please watch it, consider joining us tomorrow for hope tank if you get this in time, and in any case let us know how you found it helpful.

Later in the month, we’ll be hosting a book study of the Third Harmony book, and a nonviolence skills training with our friends at Meta Peace Team. Once you register to watch the film we can send you the exact details of these next steps. 

With hope and warm regards,
Michael Nagler for the Metta Center Team

Special Screening of Third Harmony Film Here

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