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Peace Paradigm Radio has been reborn as Nonviolence Radio.  This page is here for historical purposes only. 

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We are constantly being astonished at the amazing discoveries in the field of violence. But I maintain that far more undreamt-of and seemingly impossible discoveries will be made in the field of nonviolence.




In a growingly militarized and violent society, the nonviolent response is often conspicuous by its absence in our mass-media; yet, it is the one tool that we have that will rescue our civilization–and planet–from the downward course it is currently spiraling. And because we hear so little about nonviolence, most people have misconceptions about what it is and how to access its power–if they even think that nonviolence is a power at all. This is not a mistake–the “old” systems that are not working have everything to gain from a citizenry who is disunited and responds in kind to violence. Education about nonviolence is thus essential.

Nonviolence does not mean passivity or “doing nothing.” It is an extremely active force within us to which we all have access and that we can cultivate as a practice in an effort to counter what has become a culture of violence with its antidote: the seeds of a nonviolent culture. As a power, nonviolence is not a matter of succumbing to threats or profit-seeking–it is what Peace Researcher Kenneth Boulding refers to as “integrative power;” we draw on our courage to be authentic, and in doing so, though we no doubt must face risks, it draws people closer together. It is a higher state of prosperity, some might say.

Another way of thinking of nonviolence is through a term that Gandhi coined, sarvodaya. Sarvodaya means “the uplift” or “fulfillment of all,” and it stands in direct challenge to the widespread notions thanks to the mass-media of utilitarianism, or the greatest good for the greatest number (or in some cases, the greatest good for the wealthiest citizens…). In practice what sarvodaya looks like is a society that seeks out win-win situations when making any decision that affects people, creatures or the planet (which is about every decision we make). Yes, it is possible to find solutions that work for everyone, and it is very hard work–but that’s exactly the kind of work we need to do, and there is nothing passive about it. This shift in paradigms is the basis of a nonviolent culture. It’s not easy and it takes time to not only learn intellectually but to put into practice.

That’s where Peace Paradigm Radio comes in–we work on both angles: the intellectual and practical aspects of nonviolence.  A project of the Metta Center for Nonviolence with the support of KWMR, we explore the power of active nonviolence in a highly educational and enjoyable way. Each show has a segment with Professor Michael Nagler (co-founder of UC Berkeley’s Peace and Conflict Studies Program) on ‘nonviolence in the news’ which not only shares stories of where nonviolence is happening, but analyzes what worked well and why. And Stephanie Van Hook, Metta Center Director, talks with guests who are practicing putting the principles of nonviolence into action to inspire others in their struggles for a better world. Each show will vary but these two segments remain consistent. We also regularly host Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers of for a monthly Resistance Report and author of Transition to Peace, Russ Faurbrauc to talk about making the transition to the nonviolent world.

Nonviolence is our future, and just by learning more about it, you can have a transformative effect on the world around you.

This is more than a show; it’s the key to unlock a livable and prosperous future for the coming generations.

Airs every other Friday at 1 pm PST on KWMR Community Radio. You can listen live at or access the show’s archive at this link.


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