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Gandhi as a Spiritual Force – Podcast

    We are in for a treat this week on Peace Paradigm Radio, in which we feature Michael’s talk, Gandhi as a Spiritual Force, which was featured at the  Vedanta Retreat in Marin County, California this spring. Vedanta is one of the oldest living religions of the world. It affirms that all religions lead to the… read more

Spring Bounty: Newsletter

The Season of Hope & Renewal The spring season brings us many new beginnings: daylight savings time, the spring equinox, flower blossoms, the planting season—not to mention the start of the Metta Center’s 6-month Certificate in Nonviolence Studies. This edition of the newsletter includes some incredible resources. Plus, you’re not going to want to miss… read more

Living the Diaspora – Podcast

In this episode of Peace Paradigm Radio we have two special guests from Palestine to discuss what it means to be Palestinian, past and present. Therese Mughannam, part of North Coast Coalition for Palestine, and cultural historian Amin Kalaf join our hosts Michael Nagler and Stephanie Van Hook to talk about belonging, dispossession, personal experiences… read more

Realizing Peace–Podcast

You know what is cool about Peace Paradigm Radio? We get to talk to experts in nonviolence and conflict resolution. It’s a university without walls. On the International Day of Nonviolence and Gandhiji’s birthday, Stephanie had the honor of interviewing Dr. Louis Kriesberg, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Maxwell Professor Emeritus of Social Conflict Studies, and founding… read more

“An education in solutions-thinking” – Podcast

“Education is the root system underlying all other systems. Given the grave and potentially catastrophic problems we face, it is critical that we provide young people with the knowledge, tools and motivation to address our pressing challenges in order to transform unsustainable and unjust systems into ones that are humane, healthy and peaceful.” –Zoe Weil. … read more

Restorative Activism – Podcast

This week on Peace Paradigm Radio, we speak with Scott Brown (activist, author, scholar, and co-founder of Colorado Center for Restorative Practices) about Restorative Activism and why systemic change begins with ourselves. And on Nonviolence in the News we have positive updates about Campaign Nonviolence, Alliance for Peace, the struggles against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and… read more

Belonging and Relational Education – podcast

Explore nonviolence in the news with Michael and Stephanie, including even some analysis of violence in our news (well, from a nonviolent angle!). Then, we are joined by Lauren Dalberth Hage from Weaving Earth, an organization she co-founded in 2007 to restore relationships at all levels: within ourselves, between ourselves and with the environment. A… read more

“The Divine Radio”–Daily Metta

May 18: “The Divine Radio is always singing, if we could only make ourselves ready to listen to it, but it is impossible to listen without silence.” –Gandhi (Truth is God, p. 60) While the Metta Center does host an awesome community radio program, Peace Paradigm Radio, which tackles the tough questions around nonviolence in… read more

“Yoga of Nonviolence”–Podcast

Spiritual activist, artist and yoga teacher, Narayan St. Jude joins Michael and Stephanie at the station to talk about his journey from being an Army reservist to becoming a yoga teacher and inspirational nonviolent “warrior.”  This, as well as a conversation about holographic activism and more creative acts of nonviolence in our very entertaining news… read more

Be Fearless & Take Action: Newsletter

Want to take action but aren’t sure how—or where to start? Be fearless! Find a friendly nudge and some practical calls-to-action in our latest newsletter. Read the April 22, 2015 newsletter. Subscribe to Metta Center’s bi-weekly newsletter.… read more