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“I address this appeal to you in the hope that our movement may even lead you. . . in the right direction, and deflect you from the course which is bound to end in your moral ruin in the reduction of human beings to robots.” ~ Gandhi, London Tribune, October 23, 1942

In our age, human beings are not only being replaced by robots, they are themselves made robotic by our single-minded pursuit of material wealth, perpetuated long past the day of its natural demise by our still-prevalent narrative of a material, mechanical, random universe in which consciousness, when we even notice it, is supposed to be an “emergent property” (whatever that means) of matter that came about late in evolution. No, the British as a whole were not deflected from their course, nor were we. But Gandhi’s movement and its implications for the cultural narrative are silently working to bring about that redirection before it’s too late.

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