Lesson 12 (Family Program)

The heart’s earnest and pure desire is always fulfilled.

Activities for Month Twelve

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Here’s a list of the activities for the month.
Find descriptions below.


Family Meeting
Gandhi Searches for Truth, Reading and Discussion (for whole family)
Reading and Discussion (for older teens and adults)
Mealtime Activity
Wisdom Tradition Passage
Nature Activity



Take time to reflect on your heartfelt desire to make the world better for everyone in it. When did this desire begin to take hold of you? How has it shaped your choices and decisions? What are two lessons you have learned in the process of learning to love the whole world?


Family Meeting

Suggested topic for this month:

Gandhi wanted to live in peace, security, and happiness. What kinds of things can we do as individuals and as a family to help ourselves and others find these?


Reading and Discussion with Children:

We’re on Chapter Twelve.

Gandhi discovered Truth in his own heart and it helped to transform him as well as the world around him. Talk about how that process unfolded spiritually and politically. What tips can we learn from Gandhi’s life about how to bring our nonviolence into the world?


Reading and Discussion for Adults

Restorative justice is a great next step after completing these exercises. View this animation about restorative justice and nonviolence. Reflect on ways to incorporate more restorative justice into your family and your community.  



Take time to renew your commitment to nonviolence and serving others before each meal.


Wisdom Tradition Passage

Pick a passage that speaks to your heart this month. Share it with your family and reflect on it together throughout the month.


Activity in Nature:

We all have dignity, and nature has dignity, too. Observe the ways that nature exhibits her dignity right before our eyes. Thank her each time you notice her dignity. Know that you are connecting to your own dignity by recognizing hers.