Then Dandelion Insurrection: talking nonviolence with Rivera Sun


Rivera Sun lives in an earthship in the high desert of New Mexico. She gets up before dawn (and the lizards) and starts her day by drinking pu’erh tea and baking bread in her outdoor adobe clay oven. Rivera has written eight theatrical plays, published two books of inspirational poetry, two breathtaking novels, and written/performed many dance theater productions. Her work has received standing ovations from coast to coast and touched the hearts and souls of many.

Rivera believes in being an embodiment of love-in-action in all that she does. A passionate participant in creating a just, sustainable, and peaceful world, she takes the responsibility of life seriously . . . and with a good dose of humor. Her novels focus on the social issues of our times, positing creative solutions as well as muckraking through the causes of suffering.

“Life is the ultimate adventure!” Rivera says.

She joined Peace Paradigm Radio to talk about nonviolence, love and revolution.

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